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Aussie Trace Minerals - the Keto Catalyst


Ketosis is a state in which the body uses fat as a primary fuel. As popular as the word keto seems to be lately, it has been around for quite some time. First used in the 1920s to help those with epilepsy to fuel their brain and to balance hormone fluctuations (including insulin) that were causing the brain to come off line (seize). Modern applications of ketosis have moved very successfully into the weight loss and energy field, and although the procedure is to eat and use fat as a primary fuel source, most offerings in the ketogenic field are missing a key component (or maybe 74 of them), which is an adequate supply and balance of minerals, trace elements and electrolytes.

It is these very components that literally are essential to ignite, maintain and support the entire ketogenic process, yet are far too often overlooked.

Firstly, up to 20 different minerals and elements are involved in digestion and the regulation of blood sugar, and having stabilized blood insulin is one of the key elements of getting into and maintaining ketosis.

Virtually all minerals, elements and electrolytes have a role in communication between the gut, body, brain, hormones and the entire human system. Think of it like an electrical circuit, each pushing a different key. Proper balance of minerals and supportive elements allow the right sequence of buttons to be pushed in the precise order that the body uses fuel to activate energy and bodily functions, especially in the cellular mitochondria (energy engine of the cell). To simplify – less overall stress equals less inflammation, which improves reactions within the body and more direct action, energy and function.

The ketogenic diet causes electrolyte imbalances:  The key reason is that dietary carbohydrate restriction reduces insulin release. Insulin signals cells in the body to absorb glucose in the bloodstream, but it also signals the kidneys to reabsorb/store more water. Lower insulin levels (as a result of decreased carb intake) means the kidneys now store less water. This results in dehydration and the flushing out of electrolytes in the process. Changes also occur in parts of our body where carbohydrates are stored, such as the liver and muscle. Stored carbohydrates (glycogen) trap three grams of water per gram of glycogen—so when these stores are depleted on keto, the associated water is also lost. This further contributes to the reduced amount of water and electrolytes in the body which causes the body to become more acidic and reduces its oxygen efficiency. This dehydrated state nick named the “keto flu” can lend to symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, low energy, heart palpitations and more. To both avoid these symptoms and keep the body in balance, a full complex of electrolytes and trace minerals are needed.

Minerals are among the most alkalizing substances on the planet, and it is these minerals and elements in our food that allow the alkalizing effect on the body when we eat. All minerals, not just 1 or 2, have a role to play in this process. What does this mean when the body is alkaline?  Greater energy, emotional balance, clear thought, and what is widely referred to as anti-aging which is a slowing of the aging process. Our entire metabolic system trends towards harmony which is clearly optimal for all.

Since all 74 or more minerals show essential value, how does one obtain them? … traditional keto based diets such as our northern Inuit populations for example, include the process of salting their foods a very important part of their nutrition, however they are not just using typical sea salt (which is mostly sodium chloride with a small amount of trace minerals) but rather true ocean based salts which are much more balanced and inclusive in their composition. It is the abundance of the trace minerals that makes all the difference for these people.

Aussie Trace Minerals, which are procured from southern Australia towards Antarctica are the cleanest, purest form of these dynamic 74 minerals and when added to a keto program, the alchemy really comes alive. The simple process of adding a few drops of Aussie Trace Minerals to your drinking water is super easy and inexpensive, and some of the many payoffs being – that the state of ketosis is better able to be maintained, the body will thrive in this environment, and most importantly they allow for a regulation in the body which is healthy, essential and sustainable.

There’s a big difference between doing keto and doing keto right.