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Complete Electrolyte Solution

It's all about Balance

Please Consider Your Source

This Can’t be Overstated Enough


Let’s face it, humans are devastating this planet. In reality, many things that we do on a daily basis are contributing to the ever growing pollution problems that we all clearly see and hear about. In today’s world we need to be extra cautious when sourcing clean food and nutrients when looking to feed our bodies properly. 

Approximately 88% of the world’s population lives in the Northern Hemisphere, and therefore 88% of the pollution is here as well. When we look to provide an ocean based trace mineral supplement that absorbs so effectively in the human body, we need to be extremely careful to ensure that it is of the highest quality and purity. 

The further you get away from people, the cleaner the environment. It’s really that simple. We all understand that the countryside is much cleaner than our heavily populated cities, and our planet is really no different, just on a much larger scale.

We’re not pulling from an inland sea (lake) in the Northern Hemisphere, where there are endless concerns over water quality and contamination due to human intervention.

With Aussie Trace Minerals, we source our one and only ingredient from the Southern Hemisphere where only 12% of the world’s population lives. Not only that, but by being situated in Southern Australia towards Antarctica, we are at the very southern part of the Southern Hemisphere where there are very few people and almost zero industry. In addition to getting our minerals from a pristine environment, we are also sourcing from a living, breathing, dynamic eco system. where there are literally millions of life forms in every square inch of ocean water. All of these living beings break down the minerals from their inorganic rock form, into a predigested, organic form which is perfect for us to absorb and utilize within our bodies.

If our goal is to be more balanced and healthier, perhaps we should be looking for nutrients that exhibit these very same traits.

Handy Tips

*Add drops to drinking water throughout the day to help maintain electrolyte balance

* Great way to remineralize reverse osmosis and distilled water

*Increase intake during times of physical exertion and recovery

*Use in cooking as a low sodium alternative

*Add to smoothies & green drinks to increase absorption of other nutrients

*Great addition to preparing fermented foods such as kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc


I have had 8 months using Aussie Trace Minerals personally and with patients. I'm very particular with the products I carry and will always have space on my shelf for Aussie Minerals. I am loving sharing them with my patients and been really advocating for this product!

Dr. Jessyca Franco-Chavez, NMD, Board Licenced Naturopathic Medical Doctor Chief Officer, New Mexico Head Master of Naturopathic Medicine Executive Board, Chief Government & Political Liaison Officer.


Thank you Aussie Trace Minerals for putting together foundational, complete and kick butt products that work. In over 25 years in the health industry it's great to see a company come back to the pure, clean foundations. From mental clarity, energy, greater absorption, and overall balanced effect while competing in athletic endeavors, I love it. Plus as a nutritionist I see the results in my clients.

Allyson AV Johnson, Metabollic & Energy Specialist, professional Ironman triathlete.


About a month ago most of my red blood cells were still showing dehydration  (this was after drinking San#%!* water for a good 6 months). This is when I started taking your mineral supplement. Today I was back at the Naturopath and asked her to quickly look at my blood again. Incredibly, almost all of my red blood cells are looking nice and plump and hydrated again. My Naturopath was absolutely astonished! Wish you could have seen her expression! She's asked me to forward your product details on to her.

AM Baillie

We went to the beach last week and an older lady collapsed while walking on the sand. When we tried to help her up she said that she could hardly walk for weeks due to cramping, painful legs and feet. She called her son to come pick her up. An hour later a man is walking around the beach looking for the lady (me) with the magical blue spray bottle. He said his mother's legs are less painful and she feels the aches and pains are tolerable and feels lighter and is now able to walk! He said nothing has helped her to this point and that's why he was willing to walk around the beach, hoping to find your spray.

M Kapasi 

I am on day 3 of a 4 day fast, and like a real fast with no bone broth or fat or anything with calories. Just water, a very select herbal tea, and so far one black coffee. And this amazing rockstar of a mineral supplement that has been the key to my survival...it is seriously legit, thanks Aussie Trace Minerals!!

Kate Notwell, CNP, NNCP, Ketogenic Specialist

We love them as they have honestly changed our lives. I used to be exhausted all the time and now have so much more energy and my husband the same. We give them away because they are amazing!

Cant imagine my life without them.

Nancy C.

In keeping with our Full Disclosure policy, please see the attached 3rd party tested lab results.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about these reports .

BPA and Plastic Concerns

Many of our Aussie Trace Minerals customers are very knowledgeable and tend to question information presented to them. We love this critical thinking approach as we are exactly the same in how we run our business. The question about our products being sold in plastic bottles comes up more than you may think, so we would like to use this section to clarify and prove our position on this very sensitive topic.

A company stating that their plastic bottles are BPA Free seems like a positive step in ensuring the safety of their consumers health. BPA (bisphenol A) is widely recognized as a harmful solvent that has the potential to seep into foods and liquids stored in bottles made with these chemicals. A quick internet search on BPA will result in a multitude of health concerns, so it makes sense to buy products not made with this ingredient.

What you're possibly not aware of is that in an effort to outsmart the consumer, the packaging industry has simply substituted BPA with similar and equally harmful chemicals in order to appear safe when in fact this is likely not true.

The approach of advertising as BPA Free seems insulting to us, as this is nothing more than a marketing ploy in order to have you think that there's no harmful solvents in their products.

Even though our bottles are in fact BPA free, we never market this for the reasons stated above.

At Aussie Trace Minerals we would rather prove that our products are completely chemical free through our 3rd Party Analysis,

which speaks for itself.

The reason that our finished product can not have leaching concerns has to do with the density of our liquid solution. Our Aussie Minerals are approximately 398,000 ppm of total dissolved solids which is as saturated as a liquid can get. Because of this, our solution can not possibly accept anything from its surrounding environment as it is already completely full.

To further clarify this statement, we will give an example of distilled water which is the exact opposite situation.

Distilled water has a saturation of approximately 1ppm which means that this solution is extremely empty (hungry) and will readily accept from its surroundings. If you were to test distilled water that has been stored in plastic packaging, you would find it to be absolutely full of chemicals, as water always looks to return to its natural balance.

Please see our Solvent Analysis in the section above which proves that our Aussie Trace Minerals do not contain any of these worrisome chemicals that have the potential to harm.

Feel free to reach out anytime with any questions or clarification needed. We welcome it.